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Did you know that your washing machine can actually eat your socks? Your socks or other small items of clothing can get sucked into the drain or other parts of the washing machine. Surprisingly, for most people, this usually doesn’t even damage your washer. But, other things can damage your washing machine. If your washing machine doesn’t seem to be working properly, you should consider hiring a professional technician so you can get your clothes clean again.

Here are a few things to avoid so you don’t cause damage to your machine:

Zipper damage: Zippers can scratch the inside of your washer and even catch on the drum of your machine. When you wash clothing with zippers, make sure the item is zipped all the way up. You can also turn jackets or sweatshirts with zippers inside out.

Loading your washer too full: If you load your washer too full, too often; you risk damaging the suspension and bearings of your machine. This means a more costly washing machine repair bill. So save yourself a little cash by loading your washing machine without overstuffing.

Using too much soap: If you use too much soap, not only will your clothes look bad, but you can actually damage your washing machine. The soap can damage the control panel. Additionally, you should only use laundry soap (never dish soap) in your washing machine.

Loose items: Always clean out your pockets before you load your washer. Specifically you should keep an eye out for loose change, car keys, pens and pins. These items can scratch the inside of your washer. Additionally, the items are small enough to escape into the inner portions of your washer and could cause damage to the drum or motor.

No maintenance: Washers are pretty easy-going in regards to maintaining. But, most people never run maintenance cycles on their machines. It is especially important if you are constantly washing your clothing on cold. You should run your washing machine without any clothing at least once a month. Add a cup of vinegar and run the water on hot. The vinegar helps remove minerals and leftover residue and keeps your washer running in tip top shape.

If your washer isn’t cleaning your clothes, won’t start or makes squeaking noises, let one of our technicians help! You can set up an washing machine repair appointment by calling us at Call 1300 189 688 or filling out a contact form on our website.


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Common Washing Machine Faults

Here are just some of the problems we can help you fix with your washing machine

  1. Machine not draining
  2. Machine not filling
  3. Not drying
  4. Makes a lot of noise on wash cycle
  5. No power to unit

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