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Technology moves at a breakneck speed and it can be impossible to keep up. Decades ago a consumer could spend a lazy weekend afternoon taking apart a non-working coffee machine or toaster in their garage workshop and with a few twists of a bolt or addition of a little wire, have their appliance up and running like new within a few hours. Try to do the same thing with with a Keurig or George Foreman grill and in a short time you will have a mess of wires and computer chips on your hands. Cookware has quickly become progressively more complex as we make more and more demands of our cooking technology.

Individual cup coffee makers, electric griddles and barbecue grills have revolutionised the cooking process. In the past fifty years, over an hour of meal preparation has been removed from the cooking process thanks to improved technology in everything from our ranges to the toaster oven that sits atop the counter. Most cookware now includes items that previously would have been more likely to be found in the study, than the kitchen. Many coffee makers, grills, and other cookware now utilise computer processors and motherboards to automate their usage and to allow for a greater range of performance, such as a coffee maker that can determine the exact correct amount of water to make a travel mug versus an espresso.

BBQ repairs or dishwasher adjustments can often be done on site

All this high technology comes at a price, or more accurately, a higher price. The expense for a coffee maker now approaches a car payment and a barbecue can be more expensive than rent. As cookware becomes “smarter”, it also becomes more expensive. This puts emphasis on repairing technology when there is a mishap or error, rather than repurchasing. BBQ repairs or dishwasher adjustments can often be done on site and are far less costly than replacement. Coffee machine repairs often require reprogramming, this can all be done by Endeavour’s friendly technicians with the knowledge and experience to solve complex cookware problems. Ask a question or book an appointment directly on our site and we will solve your cookware problems hassle-free.


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